Shooting tethered in the studio

Although I have had the equipment to do it I have only recently started to shoot tethered while working the the studio, I like it.

My equipment/software list:

  • Nikon D700
  • Lens as needed
  • Dell 13″ StudioXPS
  • 500 gb external HD
  • 15′ USB cable
  • Gitzo 1258 Tripod
  • ProLine GMS80A Conductor Sheet Music Stand
  • Nikon Camera Control Pro 2
    • * Just bought TetherPro
  • And of course the studio light gear

So here is the basic setup: Simple and useful.


Tethered setup overview

The above image is from a catalog shoot I did for Jane Burch, see “The Transformation” article.


Tethered shooting allows me to view the images in real time on a 13 inch calibrated monitor, allows me to zoom into the images to check focus and detail.


13 inch image view

I rarely show the monitor to the model, unless I need to show them something specific – good or bad. I do, however, encourage the client, in this case the MUA, to review and comment as the photographs are taken to ensure they are getting what they want and need.


” src=”×252.jpg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”252″ />

Client reviewing images as

I don’t know if it’s the same with Canon equipment but Nikon software places the images onto the computer’s hard-drive not the CF card. I do not edit, much, on the laptop so I have the download directory on an external hard-drive for easy transfer to my desktop editing machine.


A final image

A final image

While this setup isn’t exactly ‘high end’ it works well for my needs.


A specials thanks to Tom Thompson for the behind the scenes shots.

The iPad and photography: Tool, toy or prop?

I had offered to loan/help another photographer with a project involving the iPad. Of course in order to help him incorporate the iPad into his assignment I had to figure out how to make it work – so off to the studio to do some testing.

I have found the iPad to be much more useful than I had expected in my photography work. I use several Photo apps now at most every session.

So, for you is the iPad use in your photography a tool, toy or prop?

Come join the Flickr group and show your stuff: Flicker iPad and Photography Group